Bistro CARL

Temporarily closed

Bistro CARL

Beer garden with view over the Weser Valley

Bistro CARL

Pleasant ambience


In the Bistro CARL on the castle grounds you can enjoy the view of the Weser Valley and the MUSEUM SCHLOSS FÜRSTENBERG with fragrant coffee and cake as well as refreshing drinks. The bistro team looks forward to welcoming their guests from the region and all over Germany.

With its modern interior, which is Scandinavian straightforward, clear and at the same time hygge (Norwegian: cosy) with many loving details, the bistro creates a relaxed feel-good atmosphere. Of course, the food is served on a variety of FÜRSTENBERG porcelain.

The beer garden between the bistro and the street invites museum visitors, hikers and cyclists to take a culinary break in the shade of old trees. Motorcyclists are also welcome: the motorbike parking area is conveniently and easily accessible from the street.

The bistro team serves a variety of cake and coffee specialities in the 2021 season. A high-quality sieve carrier machine and high quality coffee ensure the best coffee enjoyment.

The Bistro CARL is temporarily closed.