3-Museum-Ticket Combine cleverly

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Three in one

The 3-museum ticket combines three fascinating museums:

Anyone who has visited the MUSEUM SCHLOSS FÜRSTENBERG in Fürstenberg, the Forum Jacob Pins  in Höxter or the Kragstuhlmuseum TECTA in Lauenförde can enjoy a discounted entry price to the other two museums on presentation of their entry ticket within the next seven days.



Reopened in March 2017 following a two-year closure for renovation, the extensively redesigned Museum Schloss Fürstenberg invites visitors on a journey through over 270 years of porcelain history under the slogan ‘The fascination of porcelain – See. Discover. Grap.’. The focus on interaction is clear throughout – whether at hands-on exhibits in the museum rooms or in the large Visitors’ Workshop. Visitors of all ages can therefore enjoy an ‘upclose’ experience of porcelain. Active involvement is at the fore. Whether in the tea and coffee pot gallery, playing a game with cups or setting a table à la mix and match: visitors are truly encouraged to get hands-on.

Meinbrexener Straße 2
37699 Fürstenberg
Tel: 05271 966778-0

Opening times:
Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays, 10 am – 5 pm*

*The Visitors’ Workshop is in Feburary, November and December only open on Saturday and Sunday (10.30 am – 12.00 pm and 1 pm – 4.30 pm). On days when the Visitor’s Workshop is not occupied, we charge a reduced admission fee (5.00 EUR).

Admission: EUR 8.50 / Discounted price with 3-museum ticket: EUR 7.00

Forum Jacob Pins

The Forum Jacob Pins is located in the extensively restored Adelshof Heisterman von Ziehlberg, a Renaissance manor in the heart of Höxter’s old town. This is dedicated to the Jewish wood engraver and painter Jacob Pins (1917 – 2005), who was born in Höxter and became a world-famous artist after fleeing to Israel from Nazi Germany. He bequeathed his artistic estate – powerfully expressive works, often with deep symbolic meaning – to his home town and its citizens. In addition to looking after and restoring Pin’s oeuvre, the Forum is also dedicated to the memory of the town’s Jewish families. With its broad programme of exhibitions and events, the Forum additionally plays an important role in the town’s cultural and social life.

Forum Jacob Pins
Westerbachstraße 35 – 37, 37671 Höxter
Tel.: 05271 6947441

TECTA Museum Kragstuhlmuseum

The TECTA Kragstuhlmuseum is the place where chairs hover and fly. An extraordinary design exhibition awaits visitors in four pavilions designed by the British architect couple Peter and Alison Smithson and embedded in the grounds of a landscape park: the Kragstuhl collection offers visitors insights into the development of cantilever chairs. The Jean-Prouvé archive exhibits over 100 originals from the French architect and engineer, while the collection of modern-day original models includes both Schinkel’s cast iron chairs and Stefan Wewerka’s post-modern designs. The anonymous aristocrats area furthermore pays homage to outstanding designs, the creators of which are unknown. The collections in the Kragstuhlmuseum not only serve as exhibits but also form the basis of the work of the company TECTA and offer an exciting insight into the development processes involved in chair design.

TECTA Kragstuhlmuseum
Sohnreystraße 8
37697 Lauenförde
Tel.: 0176 64855202