Underglaze painting

17. - 21.11.2020

Underglaze painting with cobalt blue is a challenging task. To paint the décors “Rock and birds” from Japan and peony, chrysanthemum, pomegranate (“onion pattern”), peach and melon-lemon from China, blue cobalt paint is mixed with just water and apply to the annealed material, in other words after the material has been fired once. Only then is it glazed. At a firing temperature of around 1400°C during the second firing process, the incomparable luminance of the cobalt is further increased which is enhanced by glazing. Only cobalt and chrome green can withstand this high firing temperature; other paints evaporate. Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG is probably the only company in the world to offer courses in this method of porcelain painting.

Optionally the course "Experimental Painting" can be booked.

A pre-registration is necessary.

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