Special exhibition BLÄTTER/LEAFS

06.04. - 30.03.19

A room installation by Ulli Böhmelmann

One closes one's eyes and thinks of Fürstenberg: there is the castle, which is blown by the wind, leaves are blown over the castle courtyard; there is the porcelain, the fine, white mass, so fragile and hard at the same time. The picture is suddenly stopped, a snapshot. Still wind. There is the space, thick, strong walls, for centuries. There are porcelain sheets, hundreds, they float, dance and whirl. Light falls in, shines through, casts shadows, dissolves and recreates. It flirts and tickles, captures and releases again.

Vernissage on 5 April 2019, 6 p.m. (Admission free.)

Sonderausstellung LEAVES
  • 10.02.2024
    – 30.06.2024
    BrotZeit. Bread Slicers, Bread Eaters & Bread Keepers

    Special exhibition with supporting program