BrotZeit. Bread Slicers, Bread Eaters & Bread Keepers

Special exhibition with supporting program
10.02. - 30.06.24

Bread is a staple food in Europe. Living conditions changed rapidly in the last 200 years – the ways of slicing, eating and keeping bread changed along with them. Novel bread makers, breadboards, cans and boxes conquered households. Functionality as well as aesthetics played an important role in their production.

The beautiful forms and colours of these objects inspired collector and artist Reinhold Wittig, photographer Jana Berten, the landscape association Southern Lower Saxony and the European Bread Museum Ebergötzen to create this exhibition, which is  expanded with porcelain from the MUSEUM SCHLOSS FÜRSTENBERG.

Opening: Friday, 09.02.24, 6 p.m. (free entrance)
Duration: 10.02. - 30.06.24