From the treasure chest

19.03. - 01.11.2016

Who could this fine gentleman be? With his head crowned with laurel, he looks out of the display case with a self-confident stare. Is it a Roman emperor? Or a ruler from a more recent era, who wanted to feel like a world conqueror from antiquity, or at least to look like one? So far, it has not yet been possible to identify this expressive piece. Therefore all visitors are asked to provide any relevant information to help find his name.

The beautifully sculpted bust, which dates from 1772, is one of the many objects that have not been on public view for many years. Acquired in 1971, it fell into oblivion in the silence of the storeroom. Yet now it appears, having been newly discovered, and inspires with its watchful gaze and the distinctive characteristics of the person it portrays.