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Schloss Fürstenberg was originally built as a border castle and hunting lodge for Brunswick dukes. Although little has changed to its exterior, on entering the facility, visitors are immersed in a modern museum world: the historic staircase with its breathtaking timber-framed design is bright and airy and the harmonious colour scheme of white, black and gold runs through all areas of the museum.

The exhibition rooms are named after people from FÜRSTENBERG’s history and each dedicated to a specific subject. This thematic organisation makes visits to the museum far more diverse and exciting by enabling visitors to choose their own route through the exhibition in line with their personal interests.
The tour begins in the old polishing room, which takes a look at how the manufactory was founded by striking the tricky balance between the economic interests of Duke Carl I of Brunswick-Lüneburg and what are today regarded as the incredible challenges of porcelain production in the 18th century.

The Von Langen cabinet showcases the ‘coffee party’ to visitors. This is the most intricate porcelain sculpture ever created by FÜRSTENBERG. Next comes the Desoches Hall, which is filled with coffee, tea and hot chocolate pots from throughout the centuries as witnesses of time. This is adjoined by the Rombrich Hall, which is entirely dedicated to the subject of patterns. One particular highlight of this is the ‘Blackbox’, in which a sophisticated technique is used to bring patterns on white vases to life… The Weitsch Hall is shaped by the dining culture, featuring opulent table settings impressively presenting the use of porcelain at tables. In the Feilner Hall, it is all about styling and design, from functional matters to material properties that influence the shape of the objects.

Entry to the Visitors’ Workshop, where porcelain makers demonstrate the art of porcelain production, acts as the icing on the cake for the visit to the museum.

With some 20,000 objects, the MUSEUM SCHLOSS FÜRSTENBERG has the most extensive range of FÜRSTENBERG porcelain worldwide. The collection spans all eras of the manufactory’s history up to the present day. The museum furthermore showcases the Reichmann collection, one of the most prestigious private collections of early FÜRSTENBERG porcelain, which has been entrusted to it on permanent loan.


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