Vistors' Workshop

Hands-on craftsmanship

Vistor's Workshop

Hands-on craftmanship

Experience, understand, create

The secret of exquisite manufactured porcelain lies in its handmade character. After all, it‘s the human hand that gives FÜRSTENBERG porcelain its special quality. You can watch some of these hands at work in our spacious Visitors‘ Workshop. Typical manufacturing techniques are demonstrated at four workstations.  Experienced porcelain makers show how a plate is turned, a figurine cast and a handle attached to a cup. Using confident brush strokes, the porcelain painter decorates the white pieces with the most beautiful motifs.

The multimedia exhibit “FÜRSTENBERG – the modern manufactory” presents the great variety of modern-day manufacturing techniques. This varied, entertaining and informative exhibit takes you through the production process, step by step.

Yet the workshop isn’t just for looking, but a place where you can also paint a piece of FÜRSTENBERG porcelain yourself, to keep as your own unique souvenir.