Porcelain Couture, exhibition

Porcelain Couture - Porcelain meets fashion by Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent

04.08. - 04.11.2018

At first sight, porcelain and fashion do not appear to have an awful lot in common. No one goes out with a teapot as their latest new fashion accessory (like a handbag) in the hope of attracting plenty of admiring looks. But on closer inspection, it becomes clear that much binds these luxury industries: both were born in the 18th century and since then we have been clearly shaping our lives with their products. Fashion and porcelain are with us wherever we go. Every day we think about what to wear and every day we use porcelain when we eat and drink. So the two industries are closely linked by style developments and lifestyle trends. The porcelain is a wonderful reflection of constantly changing fashion(s) – or itself the driving force behind avant-garde couture.

Ausstellung Porcelain Couture Museum Schloss Fürstenberg
  • 10.02.2024
    – 30.06.2024
    BrotZeit. Bread Slicers, Bread Eaters & Bread Keepers

    Special exhibition with supporting program