Piano virtuos with Pervez Mody



The Freundeskreis Fürstenberger Porzellan e. V. presents: "Piano virtuoso with Pervez Mody"

The Freundeskreis Fürstenberger Porzellan celebrates its 15th anniversary this year with a series of cultural events. The prelude will be made on April 17th at 7 pm by the piano virtuoso Pervez Mody, who will fill the museum rooms of the castle with his sound art. The press is celebrating the artist:

"What the Bombay-born pianist then conjured up on the piano caused pure amazement among the listeners. (...) intimate, yet light as a feather, (...) burning, furious in tempo... a beacon of piano playing."(Alexander Florié, NEUE RUHR - Germany)

We can be curious about works by Ludwig van Beethoven, a selection of early and atonal Chopinese late works by Alexander Scriabin, to which Pervez Mody will also bring us works by Frédéric Chopin and Claude Debussy. Masterful composers, whose common denominator is that they have all been virtuoso pianists and have advanced the development in music with new, revolutionary ideas: Beethoven, actually a representative of the classical period, but who slowly led the classical period into the virtuoso romantic style. Chopin was the master of the lyrical piano piece, a founder of the new piano style, in which high virtuosity is completely at the service of poetic expression. Claude Debussy, who unfolds delightful sound effects with the impressionistic style. Finally Alexander Scriabin, who is considered one of the most innovative, extraordinary and forward-looking figures in music and who paved the way to atonality.

Pervez Mody studied in his hometown of Bombay as a scholarship holder at the famous Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow after his first training, passed the concert exam in Karlsruhe and completed both courses of study with distinction. His playing stands for virtuosity with a colourful sound spectrum and emotional expressiveness.
After his participation in "Martha Argerich & friends", Martha Argerich was enthusiastic about Pervez Mody's Scriabin interpretations: "I was fascinated by his powerful emotional expression," ... "Pervez Mody is a unique artist and an extraordinary musician ..." ... "It was an unforgettable experience. The pianist, who has since moved to Germany, is currently recording all of Alexander Scriabin's piano works for the Throrofon label, up to Vol. 5 of 8 has already been recorded and several radio stations present the CDs regularly. Excerpt from the program: Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata No. 17 op. 31 No. 2 "Sturm"; Claude Debussy: "Lisle Joyeuse"; Alexander Scriabin: "Poéme Satanique Op. 36; Mazurkas from op. 25; Frédéric Chopin: Scherzo No. 3 op. 39; among others works. Subject to change without notice.

Admission to the concert costs 20 €, concessions 17 € (pupils, students, disabled persons, unemployed persons on presentation of appropriate identification). Tickets are available at the box office. Reservations can be made at the MUSEUM SCHLOSS FÜRSTENBERG under the telephone number or e-mail address below.

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