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Our exhibitors


Our exhibitors

Textile designs

Careful selection of contemporary craftsmanship

The entire diversity of contemporary handicrafts, from studio jewellery to unique fashion and extraordinary home accessories, is represented in the palace rooms. 40 selected artists* offer a carefully curated selection of contemporary craftsmanship.

Michael Voss - Woodturning products

Michael Voss from the Drehwerk in Hameln presents uniquely beautiful turning work. So you have the opportunity to admire the beautiful bowls and vases with their varied grains and the natural raw material and the handicraft production makes each piece unique.

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Roland Hunkenschröder -
Jewellery from precious wood

HU Design is represented by Roland Hunkenschröder. The wood manufactory uses the finest woods to make jewellery and sculptures. The individual natural raw material is processed by hand to create truly unique pieces. This way you can give your loved ones a very special treat for the festivities.

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Sven Deutloff - Modern Christmas cribs

The team around Sven Deutloff shares the passion for aesthetic and minimalistic designs. Therefore the Christmas cribs presented by UNOFERRUM are made of high quality materials. The modern interpretation of the traditional Christmas decoration convinces with unusual details and demonstrates a sense for functional challenges.

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Claudia Biehne - unique porcelain

Patience, experience and the joy of experimenting are the ingredients for Claudia Biehne’s poetically enchanting individual pieces. Detached fantasy drives a liberating game with our senses. In doing so, it is always nature that shows us the possibilities and the simultaneous limits of our abilities.
“Lumos” – highly translucent porcelain for placing and hanging.

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Marina Winter - handmade cuddyl toys

Marina Winter makes handmade teddy bears, rabbits and sheeps from mohair in loving homework by hand. The stuffed animals are not necessarily meant for playing. They also feel especially comfortable as decoration on the couch at home.

Ernst Fien - Christmas cribs

Ernst Fien builds cribs in elaborate manual work out of passion. For a solid 20 years he has been working with traditional Christmas decorations with a great love of detail. Such a crib is a Christmas decoration for eternity.

Birgit Soiné - art graphics

Graphikart is represented by Birgit Soiné. In her repertoire are artistic graphics in the form of letterings, graphics and drawings. Framed in a passe-portout it can decorate your home and is also a great gift idea.

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Christine Funke - individual glass beads

Christine Funke produces the presented glass elements above the open flame. In doing so, no two pieces resemble each other. The pattern and colour harmony of each individual piece is unique. Furthermore, the basic rings, pendants and tops made of silver are available in the noble version from the “RingDing” interchangeable jewellery system and in the stainless steel version from the “Sunset Boulevard” system.

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STADTWALD - Stamps and illustrations

On the edge of the Kaufunger Wald, stamps and illustrations for nature lovers are created in the Stadtwald workshop. The decorative plant motives and charming animal characters are not only found on stamps, but also in object pictures, fine art prints and postcards.

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Sabine Martin - ceramic objects

Contrasts between rough and smooth, matt and shiny combined in asymmetrical, monochrome vessels with natural structure and an extravagant design language. Plate technique, glazed on the inside and covered on the outside with coloured porcelain slips. Small series in porcelain and stoneware were created on the turntable, or by casting.

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Silvia & Erwin Kreye - unique bookbinding piece

The Buchkunst-Werkstatt produces unique books exclusively by hand with a lot of love for details. Quality and extraordinary design make the books special pieces of art. Handmade paper from Nepal and Italian paper are used for the designs.

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Stephanie Winter - Japanese technique reinterpreted

Stephanie Winter is an artist for Mokume Gane art – an old Japanese technique that is experiencing a new interpretation. Freely translated, it is “wood grained metal”, which is processed into unusual pieces of jewellery.

Metallmasche - bobbin lace and knitted jewellery

Bärbel Schlüter-Sabbah from Hanover presents you extraordinary pieces of jewellery. The artist uses sterling silver, stainless steel, jewellery wire and fishing line to make elegant and filigree pieces of jewellery. Sometimes the works are finished with gemstones, amber or pearls.

Ulrike Blindow - individual jewellery design

The jewellery designer and goldsmith creates works that could not be more different, each one unique. Her “Kerlchen” are small living beings – human or animal. Some have a propeller on their heads, others have wheels on their feet – as you can see, there are no limits to one’ s imagination. The “Joe’s Ringe” are cast in a lost mould, so that each pair of rings always looks different.

BAAM! - handmade wool felt

In her manufactory in Berlin, designer Monika Bahr makes bags and home accessories she designed herself by hand from pure wool felt.

Tim Rykl - unique jewellery and small series

It seems to be effortless for the Hanoverian Tim Rykl to deconstruct the art history of the goldsmiths and translate it into a new, personal language of form. Aesthetics and wearability guarantee timeless design.